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Governor Leonard Calvert, William Boarman, and Thomas Matthews (and John Pile?) defeated at Battle of Severn, 1655 by Protestant rebels.

William Boarman commissioned Captain in Maryland Militia, Oct. 12, 1661

⚔ Thomas Fuller (?ancestor?)= Co. of *** - Wolburn, Mass., Sergt. 1656, Lt. 1685

Lt. Preserved Abell 1690 - Expedition to Quebec & Indian Wars in R.I. & Mass. prior to Quebec

⚔ Jonathan Abell - French & Indian Wars 1755-1762

⚔ John Abell - Ensign - Norwich (Mass) Co. 1755; Lt. - " " 1758; Capt. - " " 1769

⚔ Joshua Abell - Commander 6th Co. - 3rd reg. in 1775 Campaign

⚔ James Neale, Captain of the Provisional Forces of the Colony of Maryland

Lt. Anthony Neale, 1686/7 Commanded the Charles County Militia

American Revolution

1. Capt. Robert Abell - Minute Man 1776 (Capt. Tim Walker's Co.); Served thru Revolution

2. Capt. John Fuller - Capt. 4th Mass. Reg. thru Rev. Delegate to Convention to ratify the Constitution

3. Nehemiah Fuller - Served

4. Stephen Fuller - Served

5. Azariah Fuller (17 yrs.) - 6th Mass. Reg.

6. Capt. John Larrick - Comm. Apr. 1779 note: Larrick Family Genealogy by Dola Larrick in preface states that Historical Register in Virginia in the Revolution "speaks of John Larrick, Frederick Mil. rec. as Captain, August 4, 1779".

7. Zebediah Shepherdson commissioned Privateer commanding the Resolution

8. Lt. John Barrow - Va. Militia 1780

9. Capt. Thomas Abell

10. Capt. Cherub Abell

11. Capt. Joshua Abell - Campaigns of Saratoga & Bennington

12. Gen'l. Elijah Abell - N.Y. & Conn. Campaigns

13. Capt. Rufus B. Abell -

14. Capt. Isiah Abell

War 0f 1812

1. Almond Fuller - Battle of Lake Erie

2. Capt. Preserved Abell - 2.M.

3. Capt. Wm. Abell - Gashen (Mass) Co. 1812-14

4. Capt. Geo. Abell

what conflict??

1. Capt. Dan'l. Hodges Abell - 1st Reg't Cav. Bristol, Mass


2. Caleb Larrick - 1st Bn 58th Reg Va. Militia 1815-16

Civil War

1. Geo. Austin Abell - Pvt. Co F 1st Mass. Cav. 1860-64

2. Col. Charles C. Abell - 10 N.Y. Heavy Art'l. 1862-64

3. Dr. Timothy Wells Fuller - Surgeon 9th Alabama C.S.A.

4. Almond Fuller, Jr. K.I.A. C.S.A.

5. Louis Victor Baughman, Pvt. - 1st Md. Cav. C.S.A. 1862-64 captured at Battle of Moorefield, WV and sent to Camp Chase, Ohio

6. Edgar Thomas Conley - Pvt. 2nd Md. Inf. C.S.A. KIA 1863 *note: This was the son of our Conley immigrant ancestor, Thomas Young Conley. He had served in the Rockbridge Artillery. Edgar's body was never found after the battle of Strasburg, Virginia. The next Edgar Thomas Conley shown is his nephew and thus by family tradition is not a "Junior" or "II."

7. James S. Larrick - Pvt. Corps of Cadets V.M.I. - Battle of New Market; Lt. - C.O. Cav. of Stephens City, Va.; attached to Gen'l J.E.B. Stuart. James was the brother or Martha Ellen Larrick who married Charles William Conley.

8. John W. Baughman, Jr. - Pvt. 1st Alabama C.S.A.

Spanish American War

1. Lt. Edgar Thomas Conley

Mexican Fracas 1914-16

1. Capt. Edgar Thomas Conley

World War I

1. Col. Edgar Thomas Conley

2. Maj. Charles H. Conley

3. Maj. Ira Wight

4. Capt. Edwin F.A. Morgan 313 F. Arty., 80th Div. A.E.F.

5. Dudley Morgan - S 1st Class USN

6. Carroll Morgan - US Nav. Aviat. 1918-19

World War II

1. Capt. Ira Edw. Wight, Jr. - USAR (Daniel Ewing Wight's brother ??)

2. Maj. Edgar Thomas Conley, Jr. USA

3. Clinton P. Pitts - USNR m. "Mickey" Conley

4. Augustus W. Lee - USNR m. "Brookie" Conley

5. Lt. Com. Douglas D.Hall - USNR m. Martha Conley

6. Lt. Com. Richard B. Griffin - USNR m. "Twinkie" Conley

7. Cdr. Charles H. Conley, Jr. - USNR


1. Col. E.T. Conley, Jr.


1. Capt. Daniel E. Wight, II, USMC

-- Note: not all of these individuals are ancestors; some are co-lateral relatives or ancestors of in-laws. --

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