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            Bibliography of Conley Family History

The Abell Family in America: Robert Abell of Rehoboth, Mass, His
English Ancestry and His Descendants; Horace A. Abell and Lewis P.
Abell; The Tuttle Publishing Company, Inc, Rutland, Vermont.

Ancestral Lines: 144 Families in England, Germany, New England, New York,
New Jersey and Pennsylvania; compiled by Carl Boyer, 3rd; privately
published, Newhall, CA, 1975.  [OCHS]

Baltimore: Its History And Its People; by various contributors; Lewis
Historical Publishing Company; New York & Chicago, 1912.

Conant:   A History and Genealogy of the Conant Family in England
 and America,
Thirteen Generations 1520-1887; Containing Also Some Genealogical
Notes of the Connet, Connett and Connit Families; by Frederick
Odell Conant of Portland, Maine; Privately printed, Portland, 1887.

The Early Settlers of Maryland; edited by Gust Skordas; Genealogical
Publishing Company, Balitmore, 1968.

Fuller Genealogy: A Record of Joseph Fuller Descendant of Thomas
Fuller of Woburn an Middleton, Mass.; compiled by Elizabeth
Abercrombie; David Clapp & Sons, Printers, Boston, 1897. [cch, haw]

A Genealogical Cross Index of the Four Volumnes of the Genealogical
Dictionary of James Savage; by O.P. Dexter; O.P. Dexter, New York, 1884.

Genealogy of Descendants of Thomas Hale of Watton, England, and of
Newbury, Mass.; by Robert Safford Hale (with the additions by other
members of the Family); Weed, Parsons, and Co., Albany, NY, 1889. [EI]

Thomas Hale, The Glover of Newbury, Mass. (1635) And His Descendants;
by Robert S. Hale; David Clapp & Sons, Boston, 1877. [EI]

History of Essex County, Massachusetts with Biographical Sketches of
Many of its Pioneers and Prominent Men; compiled by D. Hamilton Hurd;
2 vols.; J.W. Lewis & Co., Philadelphia, 1886 [EI 974.452 EI HI]
includes: Putnam (pp.431-2), Conant (p.2, 19)

History of Frederick County Maryland From the Earliest 
Settlements To The Beginning of The War Between The States; by 
T.J.C. Williams; Continued From The Beginning Of The Year 1861 
Down To The Present Time; by Folger McKinsey; L.R. Titsworth & 
Co.; 1910 [reprinted by Regional Publishing Company, Baltimore, 
1967, 1979].

The History of Salem, Massachusetts; Sidney Perley; pub by Sidney
Perley, Salem, Mass., 1924. [EI] (vol 1, 1626-1637)

History of Western Maryland: Being a History of Fredick, Montgomery,
Carroll, Washington, Allegany, and Garrett Counties From The Earliest
Period to The Present Day; Including Biographical Sketches of Their
Representative Men; by Joseph Scharf; Regional Publishing Company,
Balitmore, 1968.
ŠBIBLIOG con't: p2

Inventory of Church Archives in the District of Columbia: Protestant
Episcopal Church, Diocese of Washington, Vol. 1: District of Columbia,
Montgomery County, Prince George's County, Charles County, St. Mary's
County; District of Columbia Historical Records Survey, Works Project
Administration; Washington, DC, 1940. [MD arc: 5-4-5 0680]

Inventory of the County and Town Archives of Maryland: No. 15,
Montgomery County, Rockville; Maryland Historical Records Survey
Project; Baltimore, 1939.  [Md arc: D-1-2 0670]

Larrick Family Genealogy: Descendants of Joseph and Rebecca Larrick;
compiled by Dola V. Larrick, Sr.; privately printed, 1973. [HL]

Larrick Genealogy: John Larrick (Larrique - Alsace-Lorraine; 1957;
manuscript in the Handley Library, Winchester, Virginia.

Maryland: A History 1632 - 1974; edited by Richard Walsh and William
Lloyd Fox; Maryland Historical Society, Baltimore, 1974. [Lib/Cong

Maryland Historical Magazine, Winter 1973, Vol. 68, No. 4; "The
Election of 1934: The "New Deal" in Maryland; by Dorothy Brown, p.
405; Maryland Historical Society, Baltimore, Maryland. [MHS]

Marylanders in the Confederacy; by Daniel D. Hartzler
  [Handley Library 973.7 Hart 1/88 - archives]

The Mudd Family of the United States; by Richard D. Mudd; [Maryland
Historical Society Library, Baltimore, Maryland, CS71.M943]

New England Families, Genealogical and Memorial, A Record of the
Achievements of Her People in the Making of Commonwealth and the
Founding of a Nation; comp. by Cutter, Munro, Benton, Hart, Mounton,
and Totten; The American Historical Society, Inc, New York-Boston-
Chicago, 1916. [OCHS]

Peirce Genealogy, Being the Record of the Posterity of John Pers, an
Early Inhabitant of Watertown, in New England, , Who Came from
Norwich, Norfolk County, England; with Notes on the History of Other
Families of Peirce, Pierce, Pearce, etc.; by Frederick Clifton Peirce;
Press of Chas. Hamilton, Worcester, MA, 1880. [EI]

The Pioneers of Massachusetts, A Descriptive List, Drawn from Records of
the Colonies, Towns, and Churches, and other Contemporaneous Documents;
Charles Henry Pope; Genealogical Publishing Co, Inc., Baltimore, 1986

"The English Ancestry of John Putnam of Salem, Mass" in The American
Genealogist, vol 15, no. 1, Jul 1938, pp. 8-15; and vol. 23, no. 1,
Oct. 1946.

"Notes on the Ancestry and Connections of John Putnam (1579-1662) of
Salem" in Genealogical Magazine, vol. IV, No. 1, Dec 1916; and no. 2,
Mar 1917; published by the Genealogical Magazine Co., Eben Putnam,
editor, Boston, MA.
ŠBIBLIOG con't p3

The Putnam Lineage: Historical-Genealogical Notes concerning the
Puttenham family in England, together with lines of royal descent, and
showing the ancestors of John Putnam of Salem and his descendents
through five generations together with some account of other families
of the name and of the Putnams of Mohawk Valley; by Eben Pubnam; The
Salem Press Co., Salem, Mass., 1907. (edition 125 copies) [OCHS]

Genealogies of the Raymond Families of ANew England, 1630-1 to 
with a Historical Sketch of Some of the Raymonds of Early Times, Their
Origin, etc.; comp. by Samuel Raymond; Press of J.J. Little Co., New
York, 1886. [EI]

Raymond Genealogy; by Samuel Edward Raymond; privately printed
by Homestead Press, Kenmore, WA, 1972. (Lib/Cong # 77-10811) [EI 929.2
R268 R2]

Representative Men and Old Families of Southeastern Massachusetts,
Containing Historical Sketches of Prominent and Representative Citizens
and Genealogical Records of Many of the Old Families; J.H. Beers & Co.,
Chicago, 1912. (3 vols.) [OCHS]

Roads to Success by Maryland's Men and Women of Achievement; Calvert
Text Book Company, Baltimore. [MHS]

Vital Records of Rehoboth, Mass, 1642-1896; pub by University Microfilms Intl

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