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Old Newman Cemetery
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The Old Newman Cemetery, Rumford, East Providence, Rhode Island


newman4.jpg     The Old Newman Cemetery is on the corner of Newman St. and Pawtucket St. across from the Newman Congregational Church. The newer part of the cemetery is beside/behind the church; the old cemetery is across the street facing the church. The Abell plot is about 100 yards in from the street on the driveway facing the church; the plot is on the left of the road on a small rise. There is an obelisk in the center of the chained plot with one row of stone slabs along side of it. It is seen in this photo just under the tree branch right of center. Just past the Abell plot continuing on away from the church is the Bowen grave; it has a horizonal slab raised on a two foot tall wall of stones. Note: the Robert Abell buried here is the great-grandson of Robert Abell, the immigrant.


stones in cemetery for: 
Col. Thomas Bowen d. 17 July, 1774 in the 85th year of his life. 
Sarah Bowen wife of Thomas d. 31 Aug, 1777 in her 87th year. 
his son Thomas d. 8 Aug 1782 in 68th year of life 
Elizabeth Bowen d. Nov 16, 1800 in 84th year of life

Capt Robert Abell d. 22 Sep, 1800 in 79th year 
Mary his wife d. Jun 27, 1797 in 79th year 
Sarah, dau of Robert, d. Dec 11, 1760 in 12th year

Capt Caleb Abell d. Jul 26, 1842 in 79th year 
Lois, his wife, d. Apr 14, 1790 in 27th year 
Elona, his wife, 14 Jun, 1847 in 80th year 
Sarah, dau of Caleb & Elona, Jul 1, 1830 in 23rd year

Capt Zebadiah Shepardson 
Deborah, his wife [this inscription appears on the Robert Abell obelisk 
without dates; also note that the several stone slabs in the plot duplicate 
the obelisk names except that no stones exist for the Shepardsons and 
the obelisk does not mention Mrs. Lois Abell. The obelisk is relative new.]

slab reads: Mrs. Lois Abell, comfort of Capt Robert Abell, dau. Noah Read, 
                   d. Apr 14, 1790, lived 23 years, 3 mons, 21 days


This picture shows the individual stones around the obelisk. On the left is the stone of Capt. Robert Abell (d. 1800); it has a service medal. Behind the Abell plot and just above the stones for Robert Abell and his wife is the Bowen grave. It is the horizonal slab mounted on stones. The obelisk has several names on it. The Abell names are for individuals in the plot. The name of Zebadiah Shepardson is mentioned (see small picture above). He is called "Capt" and the initials "SAR" are shown below the names. I believe "SAR" stands for "Sons of the American Revolution." Massachusetts records indicate that Zebadiah was commissioned a privateer during the Revolution and authorized to prey on British commerce. The cemetery has over 2000 individuals for there whom there is no current marker. I do not know if Zebadiah is buried here or elsewhere.

Does not mark exact spot of graves, only cemetery location.


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