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St. John's
Conley Family


St. Mark's Cemetery

in Fairland, Maryland

The Home Church Cemetery of the Conley's of Greenridge

Conley plot at St. Mark's Cemetery

Thomas Young Conley's inscription



The Conley family plot at St. Mark's Cemetery is located at the front of the church lot on the right side of the approach walkway. The obelisk contains the inscriptions for Thomas Young Conley, the immigrant ancestor, Ruth King Fuller Conley, his wife, Charles William Conley and Martha Ellen Larrick Conley, the son and daughter-in-law. It also contains a memorial inscription for the immigrant's eldest son, Edgar Thomas Conley, who was killed in the Civil War at the Battle of Strasburg, Virginia in 1862; his body was never recovered. It also includes the name of Elizabeth Fuller Conley who died at about five years of age.

Edgar Thomas & Clare Madeline Conley inscription Charles William and Marth Larrick Conley inscription
Charles Henry Conley memorial
Reginald G. Conley memorial
Edgar Thomas Conley, Jr. memorialThe cemetery's brick wall contains memorial plaques to various people including, Charles Henry Conley, Edgar Thomas Conley, Jr. and Reginald G. Conley.


W. K. Watlington's gravestone

Tom & Cecile Conley's gravestone

Interior of St. Mark's Church
The interior of St. Mark's Church in 2007

Does not mark exact spot of graves, only cemetery location.

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