The Larricks of Middletown, Virginia

Joseph Larrick #25 born in 1782 and his father, John Larrick #43
Some miscellaneous notes.

Larrick Family Geneology: Descendents of Joseph and Rebecca Larrick, Johnson County, Kansas; 2nd ed. compiled by Dola V. Larrick, Sr; 1973; (Handley Library, Winchester, VA)

    This source states the following: Casper, John, George and James Larrick were four brothers of French Huguenot descent from Alsace-Lorraine who fled persecution and passed on to the Jersey Isles or Ireland. Their family name was La Roque. They landed at New Castle, DE about 1755. From there they went to York, PA and then to Frederick Co., VA. In Virginia John purchased some land from Lord Fairfax as "John Laruck"; his second purchase listed his name as "John Larrick" in 1760. His wife was named Mary. John Larrick died at Middletown, VA about 1782. His will, recorded in Book 4, page 103 in the Frederick Co. Courthouse in Winchester lists five children: George, Michael, John II who married Margaret Barrow in 1774 and had a large family, Susanna who married Crimer, and Mary who married a Christman.

    On page 3 there is some confusion about the line from John to John to Joseph. It is not clear whether Joseph was the son of the John who was the original immigrant or whether he was the grandson of this immigrant through a John, Jr (or II). In any case this Joseph first married Nancy Mauck on March 30, 1816 and had five children: John M. born Dec. 14, 1817, Arch Bell born Jan 30, 1820, Jacob F. born Jan 5, 1822, Barbara A. born Apr 21, 1824, and Arthur born Nov 14, 1826. After the death of Nancy, Joseph married Mary Bell Guyer, a widow [of Ishmeal Guyer who died in Kiethley, England in 1827] from England with five children. At this point the manuscript goes back to John Larrick, Jr. and lists his children including Joseph.

NOTE: This manuscript poses a few problems: 1. it lists the death of the immigrant John Larrick as occurring about 1782. This was the year of Joseph's birth. For a discussion of the immigration of the Larricks see: A Larrick Family History, a typed manuscript in the Handley Library in Winchester, VA; call number 932 THL L1Q8X This manuscript has more detailed references to ship's passenger lists and other specific resources. It does not come to any firm conclusions about the origin of John Larrick; however it lists John and Mary LaRoque as the parents of John who married Margaret Barrow, the parents of Joseph who married Nancy Mauck and Mary Bell Geyer.

    The ancestry of the Larricks is not certain.  Other manuscript genealogies give other sources of the family.  The fact that they came from Alsace-Lorraine makes the search difficult; this area had both French and German families making lineage  research difficult.  In any case Martha Larrick #14 was born and raised in Middletown, Virginia.  I do not know the connection, but her family had relatives or friends located near Fairland, Maryland.  Apparently, on a visit to these relatives Martha met Charles William Conley #13.   The rest is family history, as they say.

    Members of this family are buried in the cemetery on a hill across the railroad tracks just to the west of Middletown.

Martha Ellen Larrick m. Charles W. Conley

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