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Poplar Terrace
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A post card showing Poplar Terrace in its glory. This later
home of L. Victor Baughman was once owned by the Helfenstein family.
#1 in bottom locator aerial photo

Poplar Terrace from the side garden. The Casino is
to the left and the front of the house it to the right.

Broad view of house, fields, barns and outbuildings
Vic Baughman was known in Frederick County for his
beautiful horses. This shows the stables and track.
The main house is in the trees in the upper right. Click on photo to enlarge

Even the barns and stables and school house were attractive buildings. #3 in bottom locator aerial photo


Poplar Terrace in the 1960s before it burned. #4 in bottom locator aerial photo



The main section of this house was once the tenant farmer's house at Poplar Terrace. After Mrs. Baughman moved out of the big house, Dr. Charles H. Conley, Jr. and his wife, Alice, moved into this house. It was enlarged and is currently the residence of Mrs. Alice Conley.

The main house was destroyed by fire some years ago.

click to enlarge the photos

Location of Poplar Terrace on Google Maps. See image below for locations of buildings.
Locations of photos: 1. main house; 2. Tenant house; last residence of owners; 3. stable; 4. photo of horses in field and house

#1 main house; #2 tenant house; 3 stable; #4 photo of horses and house; arrow shows main driveway to house.

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