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Descendants of Thomas Young Conley (1809-1887) of Fairland, Montgomery Co., Maryland


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This web site is being created to pass along some of the information that I have gathered during a many year project of researching my family. I have entitled it "Conley Cousins" since I am hoping it may serve as a communications media for the descendants of Thomas Young Conley of Fairland, Montgomery County, Maryland. Much of the information affects only the side of the family that I refer to as the "Guilford" side since my grandmother, Helen Abell Baughman Conley, had an extensive lineage.

The "Guilford" side relates to Charles Henry Conley and his descendants. "Guilford" was the home of Charles Henry Conley.

The line for my grandfather, Charles Henry Conley, and his brother, Edgar T. Conley, is not very entensive since their paternal grandfather, Thomas Young Conley, was a relatively latecomer to America having immigrated in 1825. Their mother's family from Middletown, Virginia were also late comers. Only the line of their paternal grandmother, Helen Maria Fuller, has very early American roots. Her family extends back to New England in the early 1600s and included several Mayflower pilgrims.

At the present time the information presented here is mostly a collection of facts about family lines and interesting individuals, charts of lineage and many photographs. It is not a narrative family history; that may (or may not) come later. So take some time to browse and come back regularly since this is often being updated. I will from time to time inform you of important family events, which seem now to deal with the passing of family members, but, hopefully, will also include introductions of new family menbers. Please pass this address - - to other family members and have them send me their email address to add to my list. Enjoy.


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Biographies and Histories Mentioning Our Ancestors
  A. S. Abell in the Western Magazine
  L. Victor Baughman's Civil War Memoir
  L. V. Baughman entry in Men of Mark in Maryland

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