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DRAFT     Timeline for Conley Family History     DRAFT
Not all of these facts have been verified!
1492		Columbus discovers the New World
1513		Balboa discovers Pacific Ocean
1539-42		DeSoto explores the Mississippi valley
1540-42		Coronado explores from Mexico to Kansas
1585		Raleigh's settlement at Roanoke fails

1607		Settlers land at Jamestown, Virginia
1608		Champlain founds Quebec
1611		Stephen Hopkins lands in Jamestown but returns to England a year later
1620		Mayflower lands at Plymouth with William Brewster, Love Brewster, 
Francis Cooke, Stephen Hopkins
1623		Roger Conant probably arrived in Plymouth, Mass.
1623		Dutch West India Co. founds New Amsterdam
1626		Roger Conant the first settler of Salem
1628		Massachusetts Bay Co. established
1630 June 	Robert Abell arrives with Gov. Winthrop at Charlestown, Massachusetts ?
1630		Thomas Richardson sails from England with his brothers, Exekiel 
and Samuel on the Arabella with Gov. Winthrop
1631		Roger Williams arrives at Nantasket
1632		Charles I grants Lord Baltimore land that became Maryland
1633		Daniel Shepherdson admitted to the Church in Charlestown
1633 Nov 22	Ark and Dove sail from England for Maryland with Leonard Calvert
1634		John Putnam settles in Salem, Mass with family 
1634		John Tidd arrives in Charlestown from Yarmouth
1635 Sep 2	Thomas Scruggs sworn a freeman in Salem, Massachusetts
1636		Roger Williams settles Rhode Island
1636		Thomas Scruggs involved in the Anne Hutchinson Controversy
1636		Thomas Hooker settles Connecticut
1636		Edward Holyoke in Lynn, Mass.
1636		Thomas Richardson's wife, Mary, joins Church in Charlestown
1636		Harvard College founded
1636		James Neale comes to Colony of Maryland
1637		John Tidd Proprietor at Charlestown, Mass.
1637		Thomas Matthews arrives in Maryland [see Donnelly]
1638		Swedish settlers in Delaware
1638		Thomas Fuller comes to America for a tour and stays
1638		Robert Fuller arrives on the ship Bevis, settles in Salem
1639		John Mason in New Hamphsire
1640		Richard Ormsbee a resident in Saco (now Maine)
1642		Thomas Putnam (1st) recorded as freeman of Salem
(1636)1642	James Neale came to Charles County, Maryland
1643		Gov. Leonard Calvert driven from Province by William Ingle
1643		Robert Abell moves to Rehoboth ?
1644		Richard Bowen elected to Rehoboth's first Board of Selectmen
1645		William Boarman in Maryland
1649		Maryland Act of Religious Toleration passed
1650 June 30	Robert Brooke & family arrive in Maryland with his wife, ten children 
and twenty-eight servants
1651		William Boarman commissioned High Sherrif of Charles County 1652		
		Robert Brooke serves as acting Governor of Maryland
1653-58	Oliver Cromwell, Lord Protector of the Commonwealth in Eng.
1655?		Battle of Severn: Leonard Calvert, William Boarman, Matthews?? 
defeated by Protestant Rebels
1658		Thomas Matthews a Justice of the Maryland Provincial Court
1661 Oct 12	William Boarman commissioned Captain in Maryland Militia
1663-78		Maj. William Boarman Justice of the Peace, St. Mary's Co.
1664		Baker Brooke marries Ann Calvert
1666		Capt James Neale represents Charles Co. in House of Burgesses
1668		Robert Fuller moves to Rehoboth
1675		Bacon's Rebellion in Virginia
1675-76		King Philip's War (Indian War); Preserved Abell and James Redway advance 
money toward expenses of the war
1676		Robert Abell's house burned in the Indian attack on Rehoboth
1676		Robert Fuller loses his wife, Sarah, and two sons in King Philip's War
1681  		William Penn in Pennsylvania
1681 June 14	Edward Putnam marries Mary Hale
1686 Mar 7	Anthony Neale commissioned Lieutenant in Charles Co. Militia
1689		Andros Revolt in Massachusetts
1689-97		King William's War (War of the Palatinate)
1690		Lt Preserved Abell in Sir Wm Phillips campaign to Quebec
1692		Salem witch trials; Putnam relatives involved
169?		Lt Preserved Abell in King Philip's War
1698		De le Brooke Manor inherited by Leonard Brooke
1698 Apr. 25	Roger Conant marries Mary Raymond

1701-13		Queen Ann's War (War of Spanish Succession)
1704		The Boston News - firstnews paper in America
1720 June 16	Joshua Abell marries Rebecca Carpenter
1730 Nov. 11	Joseph Fuller marries Abigail Putnam
1732		Oglethorpe in Georgia
1744		Henry Jamison purchases 575 acres in "Merryland Tract"
1744-48		King George's War (Austrian Succession)
1754-63		French and Indian War
1755??		John Larrick comes to Middletown, Virginia from Alsase-Lorraine [spell**]
1756 May 4	Nehemiah Fuller marries Mary Conant
1759		Quebec taken by Gen. Wolfe
1760		1st surviving record of land grant to John Larrick in Virginia
1763		Proclamation Act of 1763 stops settlement west of Alleghanies
1765		The Stamp Act taxes newspapers & legal documents
1767		The Townshend Act puts duty on many imports to colonies
1770		The Boston Massacre
1773		Boston Tea Party
1774		First Continental Congress
1775		Robert Abell enlists in Capt Perry's Company of Minute Men
1776-83		Revolutionary War; see list for those who served in War
1778		Zebediah Shepherdson commands the privateer Resolution
1781		Articles of Confederation ratified
1781		Azariah Fuller enlists in the 6th Mass. regiment
1781 Oct 19	Cornwallis surrenders at Yorktown
1783		Treaty of Paris signed
1785		Watt's steam engine
1786		Shay's Rebellion in Massachusetts
1787		Constitutional Congress meets in Philadelphia
1790		Rhode Island last state to ratify Constitution
1793		Eli Whitney invents the cotton gin
1794		Whiskey Rebellion in Pennsylvania
1796		Washington delivers his Farewell Address

1803		Louisiana Purchase 1807		Fulton invents steamboat
1812		War of 1812
1812		Caleb Abell elected Town Clerk of Seekonk; serves as Quartermaster in 
War of 1812 with rank of Captain
1812 May 10	Azariah Fuller marries Ruth King
1814		Treaty of Ghent
1819		Florida purchased
1819		George Bell settles in Middletown, Virginia
1820		The Missouri Compromise
1820 July 10	Azariah Fuller applies for Revolutionary War Pension
1822		Arunah Shepherdson Abell is a printer's apprentice at the Providence Patriot
1823		The Monroe Doctrine 
1825 May	Thomas Young Conley arrives at Port of Baltimore from Belfast
1831 Dec 8	Joseph Larrick marries Mary Bell Guyer
1835		McCormick's reaper invented
1836 March 25	Arunah S. Abell and partners establish the Public Ledger in Philadelphia
1837 Feb 15	Thoman Young Conley marries Helen Maria Fuller
1837		The Panic of 1837
1837 May 17	The Sun first published in Baltimore by Arunah S. Abell
1842		Dorr's Rebellion in Rhode Island
1844		Morse invents the telegraph
1844		John W. Baughman buys The Citizen newspaper of Frederick, Maryland
1845		Texas annexed
1846		Oregon annexed
1846 May 11	The Sun publishes Pres. Tyler's speech transmitted over new telegraph line 
between Baltimore & Washington
1846-48		Mexican War; The Sun establishes pony express to bring war news 
from New Orleans to Baltimore
1848		Gold discovered in California
1850		U.S. obtains California & New Mexico
1853		Gadsden purchase - southern New Mexico & Arizona bought
1856		Bessemer steel converter
1858		Dred Scott decision; Roger B. Taney is Chief Justice
1859		John Brown's raid on Harper's Ferry

1861 Apr 12	Attack on Fort Sumter
1861		John W. Baughman arrested and incarcerated in Old Capitol building in 
Washington; released on day of the Battle of First Manassas
1862		The Homestead Act
1862 May	Battle of Strasburg; Edgar Thomas Conley killed escaping
1862 Sep	Battle of Antietam
1863 Jul 4	General Lee retreats from Gettysburg
1864		John W. Baughman arrested & he and family exiled to Virginia
1864		Battle of Moorefield (WV), L.Victor Baughman captured
1865 Apr 9	Lee surrenders at Appomattox
1865 Apr 14	Lincoln assinated

1867 Jun 7	Charles William Conley marries Martha Ellen Larrick
1867		Alaska purchased
1869		Union Pacific & Central Pacific meet in Utah
1873		The Panic of 1873 1874		Remington invents the typewriter
1876		Alexander Graham Bell invents telephone
1879		Edison invents the electric light
1881 Sep 27	L. Victor Baughman marries Helen Maria Abell
1887		Interstate Commerce Act
1890		Sherman Anti-Trust Act
1893		Panic of 1893
1897		Marconi invents the "wireless"
1898		Edgar T. Conley serves in siege of Santigo, wins Silver Star
1898		Hawaii annexed
1898		Charles Henry Conley receives medical degree from the University of Maryland

1903		Wright brothers fly at Kitty Hawk
1905 Dec 12	Charles Henry Conley marries Helen Abell Baughman
1927 Sep 23	Charles William Conley dies at "Green Ridge"
1934		Dr. Charles H. Conley runs for Govenor of Maryland
1935		Gen. Edgar T. Conley assigned Adjutant General of the Army
1956 Mar 20	Charles Henry Conley dies at "Guilford"
1956 Aug 21	Gen. Edgar Thomas Conley dies at "Green Ridge"
1964		Helen Baughman Conley dies at "Guilford"
1985		C.H.Conley descendants have first reunion at Guilford
1996		C.H.Conley descendants finally get together for another reunion

2002 goes on the Internet 391 years after 
                           first ancestor makes first visit to America

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